Semi Permanent Make-up

Almost without exception we put make-up on to enhance their appearance and feel better and more confident about themselves we can now make sure you look your best, twenty-four hours a day or if you have vision issues, no need to worry!

Semi permanent make-up is an established beauty procedure in which carefully applied natural pigment is placed into the dermal layer of the skin. This state of the art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be a completely safemethod.Your semipermanent makeup can remain visible for between 1 and 5 years. This however does depend on several factors including skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle. To maintain and refresh your make up, a Colour Boost is recommended every 12-24 months to keep the colour and shape looking fresh. Pigment gradually breaksdown naturally in allskins.Theextent inwhich thishappensvariesfrom person to person.


  • No working out (sweating) for 48 hours before the procedure
  • No direct sun or tanning beds for 14 days before (and after), always use spf on tattoo
  • No retinols on forehead or around eyes for 14 days
  • Injectables should be performed 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • No alcohol for 24 hours before procedure……you will bleed/weep more than normal and it affects the pigment retention
  • No waxing for 48 hours before
  • Oily skins should avoid moisturiser for 48 hours prior to treatment




To gain the full effect you will require 2 treatments. Following an initial procedure on a new area it will take around 6 to 10 weeks for the true colour to emerge. At that point and to achieve the best and longest lasting result it is vital to have second treatment. A treatment is not considered complete until you’ve had your second treatment. This way we can ensure you are completely happy with the finish and fine tune your result. Your price includes these 2 appointments.

We use only single use disposable needles, and the pigments we use are formulated from natural minerals, and are prepared to the strictest standards of hygiene.

All pigments used in the clinic have CE european approval, are safe, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. The pigments we use are frequently used by private and NHS hospitals.

Furthermore, opthamologists recommend permanent makeup procedures for clients with sensitive eyes.

To make sure your treatment is as comfortable and relaxing as possible, we will apply a local anaesthetic to the area we are working on. This whole process is around 1 hour.


Beautifully shaped eyebrows frame and harmonise your facial features. Enhancing your eyebrows will make a huge difference to your facial symetry and give a lifted look.

Thinning eyebrow hair is caused by a number of factors, including over-plucking, injury, medical issues or simply the ageing process, and the advent of permanent make-up has heralded an escape from the continual and frustrating use of make-up pencils and eyebrow powders.

Before anything is tattooed in, we will draw on the perfect shape measuring the brows and creating those arches! With so many pigment shades, virtually any colour can be mixed to complement your natural skin tones. Once you are happy, we will give you your perfect brow!

Brows £300 (Colour Boost) £175


Permanent eyeliner or lash enhancement is not purely for cosmetic reasons, it’s now thought of as a lifestyle choice. It’s the perfect solution for busy or sporty people, alopecia patients andpeople withpoor eyesight.Additionally,it benefits those with allergies to conventional make-up, leaving you smudge free even through watery eyes, sleep, perspiration.

Save time as well as having larger looking, truly emphasised eyes and thicker, gorgeous lashes.

Lash enhancement £225 (Colour Boost £125)

Eye liner top or bottom £275 (Colour Boost £150)

Eye liner top and bottom £325 (Colour Boost £195)


To simply enhance fullness or colour perfect lips giving you back definition that lips naturally lose overtime, some clients have described this treatment as anti ageing! Redefining the outline of your lips can also help to improve any asymmetries and imperfections you may have. A bespoke shade will be mixed, whether it’s a natural lip colour for volume or a more adventurous colour to match your favourite lipstick.

Lip contour/liner £375 (Colour Boost £250)

Lip blush for fullness £395 (Colour Boost £275)

Full lips £450 (Colour Boost £325)

Your finished look for all semi permanent make up is completely personal and will be tailored to your taste and desired effect.

Your semi-permanent makeup can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like to suit your needs. The skin will heal and the initial colour will soften and fade gradually after 7-10 days.

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