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Rodial was designed to bridge the gap between scientific and natural skincare. Known as the glamorous alternative to cosmetic procedures, the Rodial philosophy is to prove unparalleled results to specific skin areas using natural ingredients. Rodial skincare is high-performance, next generation skin care. Perfect for those looking for an advanced and active leading technology.

All Rodial facials include deep cleansing to unclog the pores while a radiant fruit peel mask will remove the dead layers of skin to reveal a brighter, fresher finish. Skin specific massage will be performed to the face, neck and shoulders to smooth fine lines and tighten the skin as well as a scalp and hand and arm massage. Completed with a customised mask.

EVERYONE will have a luxurious BEE VENOM deep cleanse. Wonder ingredient bee venom works to plump fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin whilst almond, jojoba and wheatgerm oils soften the skin and amino acids and salicylic acids improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. Suited to anyone from those with dryer skin looking to anyone wanting tobrightenandfirm theskin.We will thenincorporate your skin specific ranges. There’s no rules with these luxurious facials so customisation is the key to your luxury experience! We will incorporate the infamous product lines.

Dragons Blood

This range smoothes, plumps and hydrates, improving skin sagging. It is suitable for anyone concerned with skin hydration, loss of volume and protection. Hyaluronic acid makes this innovative range ideal for treating loss of elasticity, dehydration and sensitive skin.


This freeze range of anti-ageing treatments will leave skin feeling instantly younger looking. Our unique SYN®-AKE dipeptide mimics the effect of venom from the temple viper for a smoother complexion.

Super Acids

Using probiotic technology Super Acids is all about the resurface, retexture and renew. Prevent breakouts, even skin tone and boost radiance.


Feed the skin, a range packed with vitamins, omegas and stem cell technology to feed and nourish the skin. The results are healthy, supple, glowing skin. Using natural actives to prevent and treat the visible signs of ageing and repair damaged skin.

Rodial Luxury Facial £74

Rodial Oxygen Facial £78
For the ultimate treatment, enjoy a facial oxygen wrap; be cocooned whilst enjoying a luxurious foot massage and when the skin is ready, extractions will be performed.

With Oxygen SkinTherapy Blast £85

Venom Freeze for Men £74
Designed to iron out expression lines. Incorporates manual exfoliation with deep tissue massage pressures to relieve shoulder and neck tension.

ExpressTreatment £40
Time not on your side? Or maybe you just want a bit of atouchup?Whateverthereason,younowhavethe opportunity to iron out those lines on your lunch!

Size Zero £64
Begins with body brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system. A full body wrap with an intensive solution to encourage the reduction of stubborn fatty deposits and water retention, helping to reveal smoother looking skin and the appearance of sleeker body contours while boosting cell metabolism. While the formula gets to work, a scalp & a foot treatment is carried out.

Bum & Leg Shaper £60
An anti-cellulite,lifting treatment aids the elimination of toxins and water retention. Leg exfoliation also ensures your skin feels silky smooth. Completed with a vigorous massage leaving you looking and feeling svelte and toned.

Arm Sculpt £12
If you are suffering with dryness and imperfections on the arms and are in search of help for those ‘bingo wings’.

Tummy Tuck £12
If you are concerned with the appearance of stretch marks and feel you are in need of some help with that ‘bloating’ feeling.

Bum Lift £12
Designed to be an instant quick fix for concerns of the buttock and back of thigh area.

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